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          Start your journey and earn your degree with Hull College. This is your opportunity to apply for a full-time undergraduate course at Hull College starting this September and study in the heart of Hull.

          What is clearing?

          If your results aren’t quite what you expected or you haven’t got into your chosen university don’t worry, you can apply for another course through clearing.

          It’s also a chance to get a place on a course after the main application deadline has passed. If you’re successful you’ll be able to start studying for your dream degree with Hull College in September 2019.

          Clearing is now open but if you are still waiting on your results you can apply from 15th August (A level results day).

          Is clearing the choice for me?

          There are many different reasons why you may apply for a degree course through clearing. You may be looking to alter your career path or maybe your exams didn’t go to plan. Whatever your current situation or background, clearing can be an exciting process that opens up some exciting opportunities.

          You can call us on our clearing hotline 01482 598852

          You can use clearing if:

          · You didn’t receive any offers, or you’ve declined all your offers

          · You didn’t meet the conditions of your offers

          · You’re applying after 30th June

          · Your results are different to expected and you’d like to change your course

          Mature students

          It’s never too late to learn what you love. Clearing is ideal for students who have not yet applied to a higher education course. If you’re over 21 when you start your course, you fall under the bracket of a ‘mature student’. You may not need the same qualifications as most school leavers to apply for a place.

          Every course has different entry requirements, but our friendly team will put your mind at ease and answer any questions you may have about returning to study.

          What degree courses do Hull College offer?

          Our higher education degrees are split into two faculties; Faculty of Arts and Creative Industry and Faculty of Management, Health and Technology.

          You can study from a foundation degree right through to a Masters. We also offer HNC and HND Diplomas as well as CIPD Certificates.

          You can browse the full list of our degree courses here: www.swgpl.com/study/d...

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