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          You can now boost your CPD and gain a Level 2 Certificate in as little as four weeks.

          HCUK Training, part of Hull College Group offer a wide range of online courses, designed to help individuals and businesses develop new knowledge and skills including:

          Online courses
          Retail Operations
          Business Administration
          Cleaning Principles
          Data Protection and Security
          Digital Skills
          Equality and Diversity
          Team Leading
          Information, Advice or Guidance
          Safeguarding and PREVENT
          Excellence in Customer Service
          Warehouse and Storage
          Business Improvement Techniques
          Working with People with Mental Health Needs
          Awareness of Mental Health Problems

          You can learn at a time, pace and place to suit your lifestyle and the needs of your business and our online courses are fully funded, so everything from sign-up to the certificate is free.

          email sswadmin@hcuktraining.co.uk or phone us on 0300 330 1520

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